UX articles of the week #1

Every other Friday going forward, I’ll be posting about great UX articles I have come across during the week.

Grab a coffee and enjoy!

#1 10 psychological techniques for engaging your users



A good article by Jenn Tang that looks at psychological techniques you can use to engage your users.

Article credit Jenn Tang


#2 Why Story Is Central to User Experience


This article by Ashley Taylor Anderson hits home how important it is to connect with your user by telling a good story.

Article credit Ashley Taylor Anderson

#3 The scientists who make apps addictive



A good article in relation to behavioural psychology and how we apps are designed to be addictive.

Article credit – Ian Leslie

#4 Icons as part of great user experience


Nick Babich writes about the benefits of getting icons right to enhance great user experience.

Article credit – Nick Babich

#5 What one UX skill or ability is the most important to master?


DR Philip Hodgson asks 5 user experience experts which UX skill they believe is the most important to master.

Article credit – Philip Hodgson

That’s it for this week.

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