I’m a winner!

Earlier this month I took part in the a competition at work to design an image which would best represent the companies 5 core values.

These are:

  • Recognition
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Ownership
  • Dynamic

I decided I would enter an image for each value and try to represent these as a brand.

The Overall theme

The overall idea was to create simple vector icon images which could be resized and greyscaled very easily depending on which media the values are to be displayed on. (poster, website, newsletter etc.)

I wanted to have a colour theme that ran through all the images but could easily be identified as GVC.

All colours are derived from five current GVC brands. Bwin, Foxy Bingo, Gioco Digitale, Sporting Bet and Party Premium.

I picked five brand colours to symbolize the five values.

The background and font colors, match the current GVC branding.


The idea behind this value was to take the strapline “Acknowledge, Appreciate, Reward” and really ask what does this mean for the company? For me this was to symbolise with a medal, with the ribbon of different GVC brand colours.

The idea being that if you acknowledge and appreciate everyone in the company (regardless of the brand they work for) this will not only be rewarding on a personal level but also for GVC as a whole. (the medal symbolising this as it’s in GVC orange).



The idea for this value is to show transparency throughout all brands to unite to push GVC forward.

Talk, communicate and share knowledge between departments and territories.

Again I followed the theme of using brand colours from Foxy bingo, Sporting Bet, Bwin, Gioco Digitale and Party Premium.

I used five speech bubbles to represent the five values.



The idea for this value was to symbolise collaboration, a team huddling together and all pulling in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter where we sit or what we do within the company, all that matters is that “We play the same game”.

I tried to follow the same design principles are above, symbolising the five values with five people, using five brands colours.



When thinking about ownership, the first thing that springs to mind is being a house owner.

I wanted to symbolise this but I also wanted the creative to fit in with the tagline “We are all captains of this ship” to do this I added various ship symbols each representing a different aspect.

The idea being, in order for a ship to sail it needs people to steer, people to navigate and people to look past the horizon.

Everyone needs to be a captain of their area to make sure the GVC ship is able to sail!

I used the same design principles again for this creative, five houses in five selected brands colours with a five pointed star in the middle to represent the five values.



This was a hard one!

The idea for this one was a person (GVC) striving to be the market leader and always looking to “Raise the bar” the cogs represent all the brands coming together and pulling in the right direction making GVC a very dynamic company which embraces change and is always looking to push forward.

The five values all together

A couple of weeks later I received great news in my inbox, not only had one of my designs won, but the company liked the style and idea of using current brand colours that they asked me to align the other winning images in this style.

Winners Email

After working closely with the HR team and other winners heres the final design which I created.


A few days later the winning designs were announced on the Intranet.

Winning images announced on the intranet
Winning images announced on the intranet

and I even got a personal mention.

Personal mention
Personal mention

This was a great project to work on, a big thanks to everyone involved.