Last weekend, the famous five ventured to Granada.

For those of you who have never heard of Granada, it’s arguably the best city in Spain… hopefully this post will explain why…

The journey started in Gibraltar with a quick de tour to Malaga airport to pick up my lovely lady before arriving at Granada at around 21:30.

We had a great apartment in the city centre and only managed to get lost once before finding it!

Car parking was another issue, and we ended up in what we thought was a sketchy car park in the ghetto but lucky (for us) it turned out to be fine.

So getting back to Granada itself, the city has a great history with one of the most famous citadels and palace the Alhambra, which dates back to the Moorish era of Spanish history, because of this many of the buildings in Granada have arabic influence.

Arabic Building
The architecture of Granada.

We dumped the bags, called shotgun on which beds we wanted and then headed into the city to check out the night life.

Why is Granada the best city in Spain?

The most amazing thing about Granada is that whenever you order a drink, you receive  free tapas. The word “tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, “to cover”. The original tapas were the slices of bread or meat which sherry drinkers in Andalusian taverns used to cover their glasses between sips. This was a practical measure meant to prevent fruit flies from hovering over the sweet sherry, here’s more info.  So the more you drinks you have, the more food you get! With the majority of the group being English, naturally we abused this :-).

What makes this even better is that everywhere seems to have great food, you’d expect that if it’s for free, it may not be to a high standard but this is just not the case. I’m actually amazed that the restaurants can stay in business considering even if you were to order just a water, you’d still receive free tapas.

After eating and drinking like kings, mainly red wine and purple cheese (yes that’s a thing) we stumbled into a gin bar called Escudo 11.

Purple Cheese!
Purple Cheese!

Escudo 11 had a two page menu of gins to choose from and a full page of tonics. As nice as it would have been to sample all of them, Spanish measures of free pouring the gin means that after only one it’s pretty much game over, so we called it a night.

escudo 11
Escudo 11 Gin Bar & it’s grand menu


Saturday started fairly early, I believe Paul was first up due to other members snoring 🙂 We headed out for a traditional Spanish breakfast of toastada con tomate and mucho cafe.

We spent what was left of the morning and early afternoon clothes shopping.

You went all the way to Granada and went clothes shopping?!

When you live in Gibraltar or a small Spanish town,  if heading to a city,  you don’t turn down the chance to buy a ‘Cheeky V-neck’ at H&M!

Saturday afternoon British normality was resumed as we enjoyed an Alhambra (the local beer) while basking in the sun and listening to the locals play flamenco.

Basking in the sun with the Alhambra in the distance.

We headed back to the apartment to chill (sadly no netflix due to no wifi) for a couple of hours before putting on our dancing shoes and heading out to tapas hop.

One of the more interesting dishes we tried was morcilla (black pudding) and caramelised onion croquetas from Carmela Restaurante. The group are spilt on this dish, I think you even love it, hate it or are just completely baffled by it!

morcilla croquetas
The intriguing black pudding and caramelized onion croquetas.

After copious amounts of red wine, mojitos and more purple cheese we headed home sadly without bypassing the gin bar, however in hindsight this was probably a good decision.

Gin bar antics
Gin bar antics from the night before! Andy sporting Ce’s head band!


Amazingly we all woke up on Sunday morning (I use the word morning very loosely) headache free. We got ready and headed out for coffee and toast, today opting to sit outside in the sun.

We had a little walk around the city taking in the architecture and watching the locals lindy hop (even having a go ourselves) before heading to the Hammam al Andalus.

Ce and I showing the locals how to lindy hop!
Ce and I showing the locals how to lindy hop!

Hammam al Andalus

The Hammam al Andalus is an arabic baths in the heart of Granada, it consists of four pools with water temperatures ranging from freezing to toasty! as well as a steam room and free flowing arabic mint tea. We all agreed that this was just what the doctor ordered.

Architecture inside the Hammam Al Ándalus
Architecture inside the Hammam Al Ándalus

However the piece de resistance was the traditional kessa message which consisted of a 15 minute body or leg massage followed by relaxing on a hot stone table. It’s safe to say we were all pretty chilled by the time we left the baths!

We went for our final bottle of Alhambra and free tapas before heading back on the road to La Linea.

The final tapas
The final tapas

Amazing weekend and I couldn’t recommend a better place to visit in Spain than Granada.

Thanks to all the gang for making it a special trip.

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