A weekend in Castril part 2

Feeling refreshed, we headed down to the hotel lobby to meet Molly, Eric and Harry.

We jumped into one car and headed down to Castril town to find a restaurant.

The temperature had dropped significantly since sunset and I think Cecilia more than anyone was relieved the table we chose was next to a paraffin heater!

The restaurant we chose was La Fuente which is located close to the main street and it had been recommend by the owners of El Geco Verde.

La Fuente Restaurant
La Fuente Restaurant

We decided to order a few dishes to share including the local delicacy which is lamb in a Pedro Ximénez sauce.

After a glass of local wine and a local beer, we indulged in cheesecake, fondant and ice-cream cake nom nom!

Feeling full (maybe too full!) we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.


We woke up Sunday grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then headed to a local farm to partake in some bread and cheese making!

What I didn’t know was that we were actually going to milk the goat!

The Goats at the farm
The goats at the farm

Having warmed up my hands (for the goats sake) we all took it in turns to milk the goat.

I have to admit it was a surreal experience.

We then followed the farmer indoors to make the bread dough, this was still done in a traditional way and we all kneaded the bread by hand.

As we let the bread rest, the farmer decided to bring over a horse for us to all have a ride on.

Back story….

Cecilia met Molly and Eric while working with horses in the USA, so they are all really good horse riders.

I had never been on a horse…

Naturally, I went first.

Molly making sure the horse didn't decide to gallop!
Molly making sure the horse didn’t decide to gallop!

After we had all had a ride of the horse we walked around the farm and got talking to some of the workers who were harvesting the olive trees.

Olive harvest
Olive harvest

They even let us help out. Did you know the easiest way to pick the olives is to bash the branches with a stick?!

Eric was a natural at this! I think the workers were a little disappointed to lose him, as we headed back inside to put our bread in the clay oven.

As the bread cooked, the farmer showed us around his vegetable garden, he had everything from sweet potatoes to pomegranates and a who mix of different herbs and spices.

It was great to see that his vegetables were grown seasonally, he told us he was nearly 100% self sufficient. Very impressive these days.

He pulled the bread out of the oven and the smell was amazing! We all also tried with some of his homemade olive oil which was really fresh and tasted great!

Sadly the cheese didn’t set and we couldn’t try, but we can at least tick milking a goat of the bucket list!

After this wonderful experience we headed back to El Geco Verde and Henry took us for a little but taxing hike and the owners dog Lola also decided to come with us!

Cecilia and Lola before the hike.
Cecilia and Lola before the hike.

We made it back to El Geco Verde, packed up the car and said our goodbyes before making our long journey back to Gibraltar.

But not without taking a selfie first 🙂

The whole gang!
The whole gang!

A big thank you to Molly, Eric and Henry for letting us join in on your holiday!

Castril is a great place to visit and I highly recommend staying at El Geco Verde.